Marching band plays at Beverly Hills’ mayor installation



Veronica Pahomova staff writer
The marching band was asked to perform at the installation of the new mayor and vice mayor on March 16.
Last week, Music Director Bill Bradbury was notified by the mayor’s office that his marching band was requested at this event. This led to to an immediate mass email sent out to Symphonic Band students with details about this opportunity.
Calling this occasion a privilege and an honor, Bradbury views this experience as a delightful and memorable evening for the band, school and city.
“I definitely think that any time we play publicly, whoever may be in the audience, it definitely highlights the school, highlights the music program and highlights the connection between the city and the school,” Bradbury remarks.
With the installation of  former Vice Mayor John Mirisch as mayor and former Councilmember Nancy Krasne as vice mayor, the celebration concluded with the Symphonic Band’s portrayal of the high school’s fight song, classic Marching Cadence and “Sing Sing Sing” adaptation.
Symphonic Band Member Nikki Melamed views this as a advantageous event for the band and music program in general.
“It’s a really cool experience knowing that the mayor values the band enough to have us play at special events,” Melamed explains. “It’s also great for the band because the more people hear us and see us, they hire us. We get more funds to continue trips to cool places and keep our repertoire and music in good shape.”
Mirisch and Krasne were both elected by the presiding City Council for one-year terms at the Feb. 16 City Council meeting. The installation ceremony was and will always be free and open to the public at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
“I look at it as a real honor from the standing point that the city doesn’t have a particular music organization to call upon except for us,” Bradbury stated. “We’re flattered and I think it’s an honor to be able to support the city in this kind of a way.”