Commentary: A day without your cellphone


Sadie Hersh co-editor-in-chief
Imagine going a day without your phone. I know this may seem impossible because of what seems to be the urgent need to update Snapchat stories and check Instagram posts, but believe it or not, this school day of separation from your phone is possible.
In a moment of panic as I rushed out the door to be on time for my first period class and forgot my cellphone on my nightstand. It was that forgetfulness brought me more insight about our generation’s addiction to technology.
At first panic sunk in as I realized I had to socialize face-to-face rather than through social media. How would I find my friends at lunch? How would I survive these two hour block classes?
Ultimately, I did find my friends and survived my classes.
As I walked the halls I saw dozens of students glued to their devices and knew that I would be the same way if I had my phone, whether I was texting or checking my Twitter feed for the second time in the span of two minutes.
The realization I had at the end of the day was how reliant we think we need to be to our phones.
While it may seem jarring at first, the 11 hours without my phone were therapeutic.
In that school day I got more work done than I probably ever had before because the distraction of Twitter and Facebook were eliminated. I also connected and talked to kids in my class I would have probably not have spoken to because I usually choose to be on my phone instead.
This feeling of panic shifted to a feeling of understanding. I gained an understanding of my surroundings. I saw the hallways I have walked for the past four years with a new perspective. I interacted with students who I have never exchanged a sentence with even though they have been in my class for the entire year.
It was the start of these friendships that brings me to this challenge. What I am proposing for you to do is to take some time away from your phone to experience life without the presence of technology.
You may find it to be a liberating feeling.