Annual art show commences


Artwork will be on display until the end of this week. Photo by: MAX YERA


Max Yera staff writer
The annual ArtReach Festival was held this past Thursday, April 21 in the EDC building from 5 to 7 p.m.
The festivities were put on by ArtReach, a club whose primary focus throughout the year is to display the art of students of all grades.
“Theater showcase musicals, while sports have their games, and we have the gallery every year”sophomore ArtReach member Sophia Weissbuch said.
This year’s festival was unique because it was held in collaboration with STEM, an elementary and middle school curriculum based on educating students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
This year’s festival thus included the first ever collaboration between ArtReach’s annual art show and STEM’s own annual festivities, hence the new slogan of STEAM, the ‘A’ standing for art.
The artwork ranged from paintings and graphic design to photography and ceramics, and was either submitted by the students themselves or selected directly by any one of the many art teachers at the high school level.
Weissbuch is one such student whose artwork is on display.
“My pieces are all political statements about body image,” Weissbuch explained. “I personally think that displaying student’s’ artwork is great but also nerve racking. Personally, I wonder if the audience will get my message, but on the other hand it’s art so people may find a different meaning to my work.”
This sense of nervousness and pride appears to be the most common reaction by student artists whose work is featured.
Junior Drawing and Painting student Sofia Miller said, “I love that the school showcases student art. It’s very encouraging to know that my large oil painting of a girl coming out of a boat will be in the show.”
Junior Tess Reinhardt also views the art show as an opportunity for student artists to build their confidence in displaying their work.
“I think it’s great that Beverly gives young artists the chance to showcase their art at such an early stage,” Reinhardt said. “Even though the show isn’t as prestigious as a fancy art gallery, I feel that submitting art to the show gives the artists the chance to build their confidence and share their work. Overall, I’m really honored that I could have my art featured in it.”
Though the festivities, which included various performances by Dance Company and other students, concluded Thursday night, the art gallery itself will continue to be on display in the EDC until the end of this week.