Bilinguals impress at ‘Le Grand Concours’



Jason Harward design editor
The students who participated in the National French Contest in March received their results, and many speakers of the romantic language placed very well.
“The ‘Grand Concours,’ sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French, is the only national French competition of its kind given in the USA,” Corinne Carlson, department chair and French teacher, said.
Medals and honors are given to regional top-10 rankings (Southern California) as well as nationally. Students compete within a pool of anywhere between 150,000 and 200,000 students.
Junior Javier Valle, who placed third in the nation in Level 2 competition, is now on his third language, after mastering English and Spanish.
“I really enjoy learning languages, and it’s kind of natural for me,” Valle said.
Sophomore Bailey Hayes, who placed 10th in Southern California, studies French because of the culture.
“I really enjoy French. I like their art and film culture, and I especially like yelling at my French friend in French,” Hayes said.
Full List of Winners
Level One :
Ejae Kim    (6th regionally, 6th nationally)
Andreas Abajian    (5th regionally, 5th nationally)
Level Two :
Tara Moazemi       (8th regionally, 9th nationally)
Dominique Petrie     (7th regionally, 8th nationally)
Annabel Paris        (7th regionally, 8th nationally)
Rebekah Park      (6th regionally, 7th nationally)
Erica Dennis     (5th regionally, 6th nationally)
Max Uzzan      (5th regionally, 6th nationally)
Eylul Sani       (3rd regionally, 4th nationally)
Ashley Moon       (3rd regionally, 4th nationally)
Javier Valle   (2nd regionally, 3rd nationally)
Level Three :
Bailey Hayes       (10th regionally)
Mila Hubschman     (3rd regionally, 4th nationally)
Level Four :
Zoe Bertet     (3rd regionally, 7th nationally)
Nicolas Kano    (3rd regionally, 7th nationally)
Elisheva Sabbah    (3rd regionally, 7th nationally)
Leticia Valle     (3rd regionally, 7th nationally)
Level Five :
Hadley Rosen    (8th regionally)
Sophia DeMornay-O’Neal    (7th regionally)
Sam Uzzan    (7th regionally)