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Hailey Sani’s YouTube home page as “berrypinklips.”


Debby Rasson, cub writer
Chanel backpack, Nike shoes, Pink sweatpants, Brandy Melville top, and Dutch braids. The casual lazy day outfit of a YouTuber, well at least for Hailey Sani. With a total of 307,634 subscribers, Sani started her own channel on YouTube when she was just 13-years-old.
“I’m really glad I decided to start [YouTube] because if I hadn’t done it, I would be a different person and probably be doing different things right now, but it helped me improve what I like doing and it inspires a lot of girls out there too,” Sani said.
Most YouTubers are homeschooled, but for this particular YouTuber, staying on task and being organized does the trick.
“It’s really hard to balance school and YouTube, but as long as I don’t procrastinate and if I’m organized about it, then it is not that difficult,” Sani stated
The sophomore believes YouTube is more important to her than school. She works with a management company, Melrose and Park, which finds her sponsorships and opportunities like having giveaways.
“Honestly, YouTube is a first priority for me because people go to school to get a good job, but I already have a good job that I really like and can build,” Sani said.
Sani always has a list of ideas for videos that will pop up in her mind and creates videos about school, style, fitness, food, friends, makeup and her lifestyle.
“I share my experiences, and the places I go to and the things I do, and that is how you build a base,” Sani stated.
Not only does the YouTuber share her experiences and where she travels, she talks about her personal life, too.
“YouTube is a personal thing, it’s like sharing your personal life with other people,” Sani said.
When Sani shares her experiences, does challenges or talk about her personal life, she likes to do it with her friends by her side.
“I have friends featured in my YouTube videos constantly because it’s just so much fun to film a video with someone else. Sometimes it can get a little lonely when you’re all alone in your room,” Sani said.
Jeanne Stuart, a viewer of Sani’s, has been watching Sani’s YouTube videos since Sani arrived at school this August.
“My favorite part about Hailey’s videos is that they are not very basic or mainstream like all the other YouTube videos I have watched. She is very different and has very creative ideas that she puts in her videos,” Stuart said.
Sani loves to meet new friends at school, but not when they’re only interested in her occupation.
“When people meet me they are most likely interested about YouTube and how I do it, instead of who I am and why I like doing it,” Sani said
Sani believes that YouTube is a universal place for everyone to start a base and become successful.
“YouTube is definitely a platform that can help you grow your passion and your interests, for everyone,” Sani stated.
Although YouTube was the perfect start for Sani, she would like to go on to bigger things.
“I do not want to be stuck on YouTube. I want to do much bigger things like produce movies and TV shows,” Sani said
Sani has seen her YouTube friends go on to success, and she wishes to become successful like them one day.
“I feel that if you do what you love and then if you work hard for it, you’ll be successful and I am trying to do that,” Sani said.
Sani roams the hallways of high school confident and passionate about what she does. The 15-year-old does not worry about people looking at her differently and loves where her YouTube career has taken her.
“People will always look at me as the girl from YouTube,” Sani said.