Battle of the Bands provides platform for live student music


Eleanor Bogart-Stuart staff writer
Lauren Hannani staff writer
At the end of the year, there are showcases for every extracurricular, whether it be Madrigals, theater or orchestra. It’s not often that radio gets a spot in the limelight, but with Battle of the Bands, the status quo is changing. Battle of the Bands is a two-hour long showcase of musical performances organized by Radio Airlift, that will be held at the KBEV studio this Thursday at 3:30 p.m.
“Battle of the Bands is really the embodiment of Airlift. It’s all the students getting together and expressing themselves via performing. Think of it like Airlift’s Final. Whatever you’ve accumulate through the year, show was what you got now,” co-president of Radio Airlift Bennett Gershwin said.
Although these performances are annually put on for students, the Battle of the Bands consists of different kinds of entertainment each year.
“I’m excited to see a lot of newcomers this year because they always bring some diversity to the show,” junior Yasmine Jebeli said. “A lot of the performers do comedic-type songs, while others do more serious things, but it’s always very interesting to see what people come up with.”
Some of the new aspects of the show that students can look forward to include performances by teachers and other surprise guests.
Mr. Moroaica is performing a solo acoustic set which should be excellent.  But on top of that, we have some great student bands from both Beverly and out of the country who we expect will melt faces accordingly,” co-president of Radio Airlift Owen Lloyd said. “We have funk-rock band Espresso joining us, as well as multiple Beverly students including Taylor Briggs, Shakir Forrest, Oliver Hakim’s band and various other small groups of talented kids from the Beverly High Madrigal Singers and members of the band and orchestra. And I might take the mic.”
Since this is the first year that presidents Lloyd and Gershwin are taking charge of both Airlift and the battle, they are looking forward to seeing students perform.
“My favorite part is seeing peers of mine really put themselves out there to take risks and show talents you didn’t know they had,” Lloyd said. “I think people really look forward to the Battle of the Bands event because it’s such a unique, fun event, and I love the opportunity for us at Radio Airlift to showcase what we’re all about, which is just being different.”
Students and members of Radio Airlift alike come back to watch Battle of the Bands year after year because it’s always a new experience.
“It’s a lot of fun and a good way to hang out with friends. I’ve went [sic] to the previous two years and it’s fun to see the different musical acts and the talent that different people bring on stage,” senior Kyylexa Corday said.
In the previous years, the Battle of the Bands has taken place in the Salter Theater, but instead the show is planned to be set in the KBEV studio this year for the first time.
“Logistically, we were a bit afraid about the transition from the ‘Little Mermaid Production’ that just happened in the Salter,” Lloyd said. “But on top of that, we thought it would be a cool change; now we can film the event with KBEV equipment and the space is intimate and small enough to really keep the crowd involved.”
Make sure to check out the show this Thursday after school for free.
“It’s a fun way to get to laugh together with your friends, considering a majority of the acts are comedy based. It has a low-key concert type vibe and it’s pretty tight,” Jebeli said. “It’s loads of fun, whether you’re performing or watching, and it’s one of the best things Airlift does all year.”