Girls varsity volleyball takes the win against New Roads



Rinesa Kabashi staff writer
Girls varsity volleyball won 3-0 against New Roads on Wednesday, Sept. 1.
Senior Maytal Sarafian was proud of the team’s connection throughout the game.
“Whenever we lost points we got up really quick and we kept our serves in and streaks going,” Sarafin said.
As New Roads would bump up points, that did not discourage varsity. In fact, varsity collectively became motivated to work their way back up to the top.
Sarafin acknowledged tougher matches lie ahead, and vowed to learn from this game in an effort to win the league.
“We are going to have more challenging opponents but we definitely saw the camaraderie between each and every one of the players, and I think we need leadership from every player,” Sarafin said.
Girls varsity coach Miranda LeBrun was pleased with the team’s work so far this season.
“It’s been really nice, the last three matches we’ve won. For me, it is not about winning or losing, it’s about if the team plays well, and today they played well,” LeBrun said. “They took care of their jobs and did what they were supposed to do, and that’s what’s important, win or lose you have to play well.”
LeBrun sees difficult competition ahead, but knows the team will persevere.
“We have a very good schedule coming up, so it looks like we’re really going to have our harder matches later on when we have adjusted to the play. I think that we show promise, we have some stuff to work on before we come up against our stronger opponents but we are definitely going to have some good competition,” LeBrun said.