Meet Westwood’s Favorite Deli, Fat Sal’s



Jason Harward, staff writer
AJ Wolken, staff writer
Fat Sal’s is the heart of late night foods and the innovator of restaurants, putting as many fried foods as possible in its sandwiches. Although the “Fat Sandwiches” are the fan favorites, Fat Sal’s also carries normal sandwiches, salads, burgers and more. It was started in Austin, Texas, and expanded to Southern California. It has four locations in California, including Westwood and Hollywood. Rightfully so, Fat Sal’s is a highly acclaimed restaurant by critics and it is said to be one of the best late night snacks around. Overall, Fat Sal’s in an experience any foodie needs to have regardless of how unhealthy it is because it is the best fat fried sandwich around.
The Fat Jerry- 1980 calories
This sandwich is stuffed with cheesesteak, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, fried eggs and french fries. All topped off with salt and pepper, mayo, ketchup and stuffed in a 10 inch french roll. The beastly sandwich is more than worth the almost 2000 calories in it. If you can go into the meal with an open mind and an open stomach and let yourself forget the calorie count, the Fat Jerry is an excellent choice at Fat Sal’s.
The Fat Bruin- 1800 calories
This sandwich, an edible monument to UCLA, is an incredible, barbecued mountain of cheeseburgers, chili, crispy bacon, fried eggs and fries. The sandwich isn’t very balanced, as one half is very sodium-heavy, with ketchup, chili and garlic aioli, while the other half only contains the burgers and fried eggs. The inconsistency is unusual at first, but becomes more enjoyable if you invert the sandwich and eat the sides one at a time. Although the sandwich is enjoyable, it is somewhat disappointing.
Fat Sal’s is an experience that needs to be had once in a lifetime, not once a week.