The new student sound of the Norman Nation


Greg Carter rests after a football practice.


Sam Bernstein staff writer
The roaring sounds from the DJ set on the nutrition patio rocked the school before the home football game on Sept. 16. The complex mixes and “fire” beats were key in hyping up the football team. These mashes lit up the campus and sent Beverly off into an exciting pregame.  This DJ is junior Greg Carter.
Carter’s personality is just as big as his musical skill, physical stature and reputation. Carter is so well known that he was granted permission to DJ a set at the second-floor patio. It was quite well received by Normans, including senior Brandon Lee.
“I heard his set at lunch was a banger,” Lee said.
Carter DJs under his stage name, DJ Northbound. No single person has been trusted with the Norman sound with DJ responsibilities since Cole Plante, class of 2015, but now DJ Northbound has all the control. And he loves it. He has always had a passion for music, and he wants to keep growing musically.
“I’ve liked music all my life. Music is fascinating to me, so I just picked it up a couple years ago and didn’t look back,” Carter said.
Carter loves music, plain and simple. He’s always looking for new works of music to mix and play around with to fit his tastes and styles. He loves music because of all the different components that go into a song.
“The different beat, patterns, rhythms, instruments, and harmonies that all go into a song–it’s just amazing to hear it all put together,” Carter said.
Many students praise his talent behind the booth. His unique style and personality when he mixes is thrilling to watch. Senior Andi Di Battista commended his music style.
“DJ Northbound is able to capture the songs and artists that are truly representative of our generation and I think that is a quality both unique and important,” Di Battista said.
Sophomore Kari Schnapp has observed his rising stardom from a distance. Schnapp, like many other students, has heard about Carter’s growing reputation. Schnapp appreciates his musical efforts.
“I think it’s really cool what he’s doing. He makes amazing music, and is really entertaining,” Schnapp said.
Before recent construction in the main building, Carter would rap along to his favorite songs in the main hallway. This is one way he used to meet new people and gain potential fans of his music. But it was mostly just Carter being Carter. He’s just having fun.
“I just be jamming out,” Carter said.
However, even though Carter is not searching for fame, Lee believes he deserves it. Lee is the Drum Major of the marching band, and is quick to point out musical talent. Lee is inspired by the hard work Carter puts into his craft.
“I think he needs more exposure. I’m always in support for young kids pursuing their passion,” Lee said.
Even with a heavy workload including school, music and varsity football, Carter is still devout in his faith, and credits God for all his success.
“God comes first, family comes second, education is third, football is fourth, and then music/DJing is fifth. Everything is possible because of God, and I give all glory to Him all the time. I give thanks to Him.”
Prior to Carter’s move to Beverly Hills before his sophomore year, Carter used to live in Houston, Texas. He uses his music as a release method to help cope with school, life and especially his cross-country move.
“I made a move from Houston, Texas, to Los Angeles. I thought about it, northbound, I’m going all the way up. I got God on my side, it’s all we do out here,” Carter said.
He has 154 followers on his Soundcloud account, with over 5,000 plays on his recent mix. Even though he wants to keep DJing and making music, Carter said he doesn’t do it for fame, he does it for himself.
“I just do it because it’s fun. I just have fun,” Carter said.