Girls varsity volleyball loses last game of season



Lauren Hannani staff writer
The girls varsity volleyball team fell to Culver City 0-3 in its last game of the season on Tuesday, Oct. 25.
The team was defeated in all three sets, losing to the opposing team 8-25 in the first set, 9-25 in the second and 1-25 in the final match. One of the strengths the team felt they lacked during the game was the confidence and determination to play against one of their most prominent rivals.
“We could have gone into the game a little less intimidated. I think a lot of us had the mentality that the other team was really good and we weren’t as good as them, when really, we are just as good,” junior outside hitter Carina Massana said. “If we had gone into the game more confident and focused, we would have done better.”
Although they did not finish their season with a victory, the team focused on having fun while playing their last game all together as a close group of friends.
“The difference between other times and today was that since this was our last game, we used it to have a good time and enjoy the presence of our teammates, rather than worrying solely on the score and the outcome,” senior co-captain Maytal Sarafian said.
However, the team is going to continue practicing their skills during the off- season and improving techniques every day while taking a break from weekly games.
“Our coach is planning post-season clinics where players can work on improving their skills and making sure they are getting as many reps as they can,” Sarafian said. “We are also going to have intense conditioning in order to get the entire team in shape for next season.”
Overall, all varsity members have improved and contributed to the team’s success  in work ethic and sportsmanship.
“I think this year was a rebuilding year for us, so we didn’t win many games but we improved a lot,” Massana said. “I think we have improved in our work ethic and team chemistry. We have a young team and our younger players have really worked hard to step up to the varsity level, which has also improved the program.”
Since this was the last game for seniors on the team, the members feel bittersweet about the end of the season this year. However, this season has ranked high on their list of achievements.
“This was the best volleyball season I have had in my entire high school experience,” Sarafian said. “Every player on the team is so close and we have had an incredible three months together. I would not trade the time I spent on this team for anything.”