New ASB advisor brings school spirit back



Rinesa Kabashi staff writer
A teacher from Wisconsin left the state with spirit and hopes to bring it back.
Former ASB advisor Mark Mead was promoted to assistant principal of House C leaving the spot open for Math teacher and new ASB advisor Jennifer Goolsby to become the new advisor. Because Goolsby believes that school spirit is important she realized this was her opportunity to take action to improve the lack of spirit.
Goolsby believes that the general school spirit has died over the years.  Coming from a high school where spirit is important Goolsby feels the need to spread more of it.
“It is one thing for students to say ‘We want to have better school spirit’, but the students don’t really know what school spirit is because they have not experienced it. Not only have I gone to a school with very strong school spirit, but I have taught at a couple different high schools,” Goolsby said. “I’ve seen other types of pep rallies and what a pep rally should really look like. Someone has to teach what school spirit can look like.”
Goolsby saw her goals reached by seeing spirit come from events ASB and she had organized for Homecoming.
“I am really proud of the way that the Homecoming pep assembly worked on the football field. The carnival that we did was probably the first tailgate that I have attended where people came and people stayed. People had fun, from the little 5 year old kids all the way up through the teenagers there that were hanging out and having a blast,” Goolsby said.
Goolsby juggles managing the student council and teaching math class.
“It’s a challenge; it is hard enough as a math teacher when teaching different classes throughout the day to switch my brain from one class to another class. When I have to switch my brain to ASB there are 20 different things going on at the same time. There are different conversations on how we did on that event and what’s coming up in the future. It is just a whirlwind of information going around, so it’s exhausting but it is very fun and exciting at the same time,” Goolsby said.
Becoming advisor of ASB has come along with benefits that Goolsby would have not had if she was just a math teacher.
“I think one thing is that it has allowed me to have more contact with teachers and other adults in the building when talking about school spirit. I think that it is related to my comfort level of being here and knowing the other adults and feeling more connected,” Goolsby said. Overall it has made me feel happier and more comfortable in the building.”