Candidates’ campaigns for 2016 judge seats


Photo by: Pete Souza.


In this spotlight you will find an opinion article about the importance of participation in municipal elections, a chart explaining the goals and background of each of the candidates running for judge seats, a poll info graphic illuminating students’ opinions on the election, question and answers with your state assembly District 50 candidates, and a collection of different social media that the candidates and their fans have participated in. To view the other components of the spotlight, click the links at the end of the post to navigate your way throughout the interweb!

Sam Bernstein staff writer
Evan Minniti staff writer
Millions of voters in California will go to the polls on Nov. 8 to take part in the democratic election process. While the main spotlight will be on the presidential candidates, local elections are taking place across the state.
In Los Angeles alone, there will be dozens of seats up for grabs, including four seats on the Los Angeles County Superior Court. All together, eight candidates are running to becoming judges for seats 11, 158, 42 and 84.


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