Seniors say their goodbyes



Rinesa Kabashi staff writer
Priscilla Hopper staff writer
Students and parents gathered on the football field as they watched the football and cheer teams seniors walk across the field on Nov. 4.
For cheer co-captain Briana Perez, it was overall an emotional night.
“I was so emotional, but my makeup was so nice so I couldn’t cry! It hit me hard when I realized that was the last time I’d ever be a part of cheering for football season,” Perez explained.
Standing next to all of his football friends, varsity football Captain Alex Dennis realized that his teammates are far more than just his friends.
“It felt like an adventure that just came to an end. It’s funny because I remember how we were all little, scrawny, slow freshmen and now hitting senior year, everyone is taller–except me–faster and all. But, I can certainly say that the people that were standing next to me will forever be in my eyes a family to me,” Dennis said.
Cheer co-captain Annabel Bao felt that the most emotional part of the event was walking down the field with her two parents by her side.
“You spend the most important years of your life with your parents. They watch you go through it all and at the end it’s just you. I did not realize that it was my last year until I’ll be on my own in college without them until Friday night,” Bao said. “I do not know what I would do without them and I would not have wanted anyone else to walk me across that field but them.”

November 4, 2016 marks the last high school football game for the graduating seniors. The final score was 63-8, leaving Culver City with the win.