Guest writers: Beverly Vista eighth graders share opinions


Negative effect of construction site

By: Hannah Sokolovsky
This year at Beverly Vista a new field was installed and construction was begun.
This Construction has been disrupting classes and is not good for student’s health. The debris from the construction site like cement, wood and more can be harmful to the students and teachers. Many products used at construction sites have fumes that can effect the people who go to Beverly Vista and can cause health problems in the future.
Some equipment can be harmful not just physically but the noise from the jackhammers has disrupted classes at school. Most of the kids at Beverly Vista are still growing and that can really affect the growth of students.
A solution for the health issues could be that the construction workers could work on the building after school instead of during school. The workers could work on the weekends and that would limit the amount of debris added to the air. The last grades leave school at 3:16 p.m. and there are some students at school after 3:16, but the school could have them leave on time or have the students stay on the other side of the school. Having the construction workers work at a later time may make the project take longer, but will be better for the children’s health.

New field advances students’ ability to play more

By: Nicolette Kay
In years past, before our beautifully reconstructed soccer fields, we had normal, everyday, hot turf field. Last summer, our school was able to get enough money donated by AYSO to finally take out the old grass and put in a new type of turf. This was a very good decision for our school, because with our old field, people would constantly complain about how much hotter it was on the field. There was a study in 2002 that showed that artificial turf could make the temperature up to 30 degrees hotter.
To create the new field, instead of using shredded tires, Nike donated colorful shoes from their company to shred up instead of black tires.
With this happening, many good things come out of our new turf field. First, since these shreds of Nike shoes are not black, that limits the heat from the sun that would bounce off the field and then would make the weather hotter. Yes, we do live in California and there is some hot weather that we just cannot avoid, but this heat was excruciating.
Since the Nike shoes are shredded, our field has taken out the boring black “pebbles” and put in colorful shreds, which helps make our field much more lively. When the turf is made, there are very little shredded tire pieces, which looks like little black pebbles. When looking from afar, they don’t look like much, but there are hundreds of them. Since these shredded tires are black, and there are many of them laying along with the grass, which originally made it very hard to enjoy your time on our field.
With our new field, the students are now able to play harder, and have more fun without stopping because of the heat.

Construction crisis: complaints lead to concern

By: Josh Katz
Currently, Beverly Vista is going under some renovations. The second floor of the middle school building is the e-deck. The e-deck is currently being renovated.
As the renovations begun, the two upstairs stairwells were blocked off and no visible work was getting done during the first month. Then, all hell broke loose. The workers came and limited the students’ playing time as they drilled holes into the floor. This upset many students. To top this off, the workers are currently pouring concrete and laying out a new floor. There were days when what seemed like a hundred trucks and a huge crane crowded the campus. The students weren’t allowed outside and the entire school smelled like concrete. The students had to play in the reading garden, which is very cramped due to the amount of kids forced into such a small area. The entire school smelled of chemicals thus leading a majority of the kids to not go outside.
Although there was construction about a month ago on the front of the school, this didn’t affect kids as much as the current construction. A fix to the issue would be to have work done on the weekends. The students of B.V. can play unaffected by the changes, while work can be done at the same rate.
Although the construction will benefit our school in the future, students don’t like the current adaptations they’re having to make.
Construction is scheduled to finish during winter break and normal “operations” will resume Jan. 3.