Cross country boys grind to greatness


Photo courtesy of Shimon Dubner


Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief
The boys varsity cross-country team won the Ocean League Championship and will be advancing to the CIF Finals as a team. This is the third time in history that the team has made finals. Led by the efforts of seniors Jonathan Cohen, Jason Cohen, Shimon Dubner and Noah Lee, the top four runners on the team, cross-country will be moving on to CIF Division 3.
The team was ecstatic over the win which they feel they earned after months of hard practice and hours spent sweating on the track.
“This was a great race because we got the chance to show off our skills and prove to the other runners in the state just how hard we worked. It was an insane effort to train but this W makes it all worth it,” Dubner said.
Before the race, many of the runners were confident because the team was number one going into the final race. Their positions in the matchup were relatively strong as they were going in on top.
“We were number one in boys varsity going into the race, so I knew we would do well. However, as soon as the race started, adrenaline pumping, I realized it was game time. Upon finding out that boys varsity was number one in finals, tears of joy ran down the faces of the varsity athletes,” senior Jeremy Segal said.
To prepare for their next race, the varsity team is working to prepare for the increased competition that will come from the higher level of running. They have committed to more hours of practice and more intense workouts.
“We’re working harder than we ever have. Now is the time to really crank it up a notch and we’ve all been putting in the effort. We will show the state that we are one of the best teams and we will win,” Dubner said determinedly.