Skating his way to fame



Rinesa Kabashi staff writer
It all started with three boys filming each other skating their way through the streets of Fairfax. Little did they know that that he would end up with 121,000 followers on Instagram.
As the three boys made more videos, freshman,Aaron Melloul decided to post a teaser video on his Instagram, which can be found @aaronmelloul.
“Our videos went on the explore page and different people from all over the world, but mostly the U.S., viewed the videos and they thought we were cute, unique and funny. Ever since, I have kept on gaining followers on my Instagram,” Melloul said.
In order to keep Melloul’s followers interested, he is doing more than just posting videos on Instagram. He promotes on all type of social media such as Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and Melloul has recently started broadcasting on an app called
“On I talk to my supporters, they ask questions and I answer them. Sometimes I do challenges and fun things while broadcasting. This gives more of an advantage with connecting with my fans,” Melloul said.
Along with connecting with fans virtually, he connects with them personally. Melloul arranges meet and greets with another one of his Instagram-famous friends such as Steven and Donovan .
“I do meet and greets, but mostly in Los Angeles, and this year I went on a tour called the Weekend Rush Tour. So far on the tour, I have done a show in New York City. It is truly a privilege to be able to perform in another state in front of all my loving fans. When I perform I just turn up to songs and sing with my fans. Sometimes I do “Ask Us” and play games with them as well,” Melloul said.
Melloul’s fans are the foundation of his career and he could not imagine what he would do without them.
“My fans mean the world to me. Honestly, they are so sweet to be supporting me on social media and taking their time to come and meet me,” he said. “I really do appreciate each and every one of them.”