Girls varsity soccer downs University Wildcats by seven goals



AJ Wolken staff writer
The varsity girls soccer team defeated the University Wildcats 7-0 on Friday, Dec. 2. The victory takes Beverly to a 2-1 record, while dropping University to 1-1.
The team was unfamiliar with their opponent’s personnel going into the game, but were prepared for a physical battle.
“We weren’t sure of the caliber of this team. We knew we had to play a physical game and that if we wanted to win, we would have to earn it,” defender Camilla Wolff said.
With 13 minutes left in the first half, the Normans scored the first goal of the game and went on a three-goal run in the next three minutes. Striker Lauren Aviram scored the team’s second goal as she bent it in off of a corner kick.
“Coach said to do the number three play…I needed to kick the ball near the 18-yard line for my team to get the ball, instead of the goalie,” Aviram said. “The wind was also crazy that day so I knew that placing the ball farther than usual would be better. When I kicked it, all I could think of was my dad teaching me how to curve it in. Then, it actually curved into the goal and I was really happy. I wasn’t expecting that to happen, but I’m glad it did.”
To gain the seven goal victory, Wolff said that it was their passing that ultimately propelled the team to victory.
“I think we did a good job at moving the ball around and switching the field. That was probably the best part of our game,” Wolff said.
After a comfortable victory, the team already has their minds set on making adjustments for their next game.
“We are looking to improve on winning the 50/50 balls and improving our passing sequences. We need to keep up the way we played this game in the future,” Wolff said.
The varsity girls soccer team’s next game is today at home against the Cantwell-Sacred Heart cardinals.