‘Pink Season’ tops charts: brings vulgarity and unapologetic humor to hip-hop



Max Yera co-editor-in-chief
2017 is off to an odd start with perhaps the most unusual album to ever reach the top of the iTunes charts, Pink Season.
The rather absurd, yet comical, 35 track record is the second album of YouTube personality George “Joji” Miller, commonly known as Filthy Frank and, more recently, Pink Guy.
From the opening explicit “Hot Nickel Ball on a P—-” to the closing, perhaps sincere, “Be Inspired,” Pink Guy delivers a hip-hop beat-filled, lyrically comedic record that pushes any and all boundaries of offensiveness. However, with prior knowledge of Filthy Frank’s outlandish vlogger persona, such should be expected.
Though you may hear the album’s second track “Are You Serious,” which mirrors the works of rising stars Post Malone and Lil Uzi Vert, blaring in a car or even at a party, it appears that the album is oddly comprised of intentionally, and objectively, bad songs. From the outright racist lyrics of “White is Right” to the disturbing “I Have a Gun,” Pink Guy appears to be testing the potentially umbrageous nature of his listener.
However, intentionally bad songs can nevertheless be enjoyable. Many will find amusement, or even hilarity, in Pink Guy’s unabashed lyrics. Others will point to the legitimately impressive production that showcases Miller’s obvious interest in, and even talent for, making music.
Nevertheless, the album is oftentimes bogged down by its incessant, and at times seemingly pointless, vulgarity. Indeed, by the eightieth minute, Pink Guy’s once fresh, crass hip-hop take on musical comedy will have grown irritating and even boring. Yet I still recommend listening, if only for the first 10 minutes.
Grade: 3/5 Stars