DECA wins big at regional competition in Anaheim


Benjamin Shofet, co-editor-in-chief
DECA attended its first competition of the year at the Wyndam Hotel in Anaheim, California, bringing home 33 medals in several different categories along with 12 trophies. Over 65 students attended the conference, making Beverly the largest school represented at the summit.
DECA vice president Lana Schwartz placed first in her roleplay, third in another and first place on the test. Schwartz’s performance at the conference led her to receive first place overall in the competition.
“I’ve been doing DECA for four years now and have achieved first place in the past. Doing it again as a senior has brought it full circle for me and has evoked some sentimentality in me. I’m proud of myself for winning, but admire more so what DECA can do for kids like me,” Schwartz said.
Aside from Schwartz, senior co-president Jessica Moghaddam placed third overall in the conference and sophomore Mia Grossman placed first in sports and entertainment marketing.
“It felt so amazing to win. I’ve never won before, but all the hours teaching entrepreneurship paid off, and it was extremely rewarding,” Moghaddam said.
DECA members will continue to meet to discuss, plan and prepare for their next state-wide competition on March 2-5 in Santa Clara, California.
“This past semester we focused on preparing our members for the knowledge tests,” Schwartz said. ”Before state competition, we are planning to emphasize speaking and presentation skills more so, which is, in my opinion, the most valuable skill I’ve attained from DECA.”