Varsity girls basketball take CIF



Rinesa Kabashi staff writer
The girls varsity basketball team defeated Avalon High School 60-46 on Thursday, Feb. 16.
Throughout the season, the girls have showed improvement and were able to prove their skills during the game. Captain Megan Saghian has seen more of a connection with the girls then the team has had previously.
“When we started we were disjointed. We lacked chemistry and friendship. Throughout the season, we’ve grown into a family which is obvious both on and off the court. We’ve overcome a lot together,” Saghian said.
Playing as a freshman on varsity, starting center Chantal Moawad could not have wanted the game to end any other way.
“It was probably the best game of the season. We were all so in sync with each other, and very aggressive. We played the entire game with all of our hearts,” Moawad said.
With the team still in their CIF run, they are working harder and preparing for upcoming games. The team has one mindset and that is to win.
“It’s a really great feeling knowing that we’re still in CIF because we’ve worked so hard to get here, especially since we did poorly last year,” Saghian said. “We have put our hearts out into this team and to see such an outcome makes us really happy.”