“24:Legacy” exhilarates with fresh take


Photo by: VITALYD


Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief
“24: Legacy” brings back all the nostalgia of the original gritty action drama, while also introducing a slate of fresh new characters and plot. “24” is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest action shows of all time. It had everything: multiple plots with fascinating characters, heart-stopping action, and a protagonist deeply human and yet also occasionally so much more than an ordinary man. Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer may have anchored that show, but Corey Hawkins, playing the new main character, Eric Carter, does an incredible job.
The show begins in typical “24” fashion. In the very first scene, a bloodied Army Ranger tied to a chair is executed at point-blank range. From there, the excitement never abates. This Army Ranger was the third remaining member of a squad that led a raid that assassinated an Osama Bin Laden-like character, Sheik Bin-Khalid. It becomes increasingly clear that one of these Army Rangers did more than kill Bin-Khalid, and Bin-Khalid’s men are hunting down every single Ranger to find a stolen item. Here, Eric Carter begins to distinguish himself as the tough fighter and indomitable rebel that we hoped he would be. He manages to escape from his would-be murderers with the aid of his wife and begins his descent into the lone wolf mold that will excite viewers and suck them in.
Of course, the typical “24” elements are still the same. The ever-present ticking of the clock creates an incredible sense of urgency and the episodes occurring in real time cause the never ending action to feel even more exhilarating. There is also more than just one plot. Eric Carter creates fireworks and entertainment, but there is also constant drama between the old director of CTU, Rebecca Ingram, played by Miranda Otto, and her husband, John Donovan, played by Jimmy Smits. Donovan also is in the process of mounting a bid for president which of course introduces even more drama. Viewers will also be fully absorbed in the tangential plot taking place in a suburban high school area where a radical Muslim sleeper cell waits for the signal to attack.
“24: Legacy” contains all the plot twists, intense, gritty violence and multi-faceted characters that drew viewers into the original “24”. It is a fantastic show and is only getting better with each new episode. For viewers who have seen “24”, watching “Legacy” is a natural continuation and a must. For viewers new to the series, watch both “24” and “24: Legacy”. Multiple seasons with tons of episodes will keep you absorbed for many joyous weeks.