Congresswoman will attend Beverly club meeting


Congresswoman Karen Bass will attend the Countable Club meeting on April 21.


Evan Minniti staff writer
Congresswoman Karen Bass from California’s 37th District will be attending the Countable Club’s first meeting in the Salter Theatre on April 21 during fourth period.
Countable Club, formed by sophomore Adriel Ghadoushi, aims to get the student body more interested in politics and arrange for students to talk to elected representatives. Countable, the namesake for the club, is a civil engagement app.
“We are working with a civil engagement app, Countable, which allows users to contact their lawmakers and discuss bills making the rounds in Congress. The purpose of the app is to help hold elected officials accountable,” Ghadoushi explained. “The Countable Club, in conjunction with [the Countable app], grants students the opportunity to meet with elected officials for forum-style discussions in order to voice their opinions and concerns with their representatives.”
Countable Club’s sponsor is Librarian Daniel Bradford. He believes that civil engagement is paramount for democracy to function.
“It’s very important for our students to learn how government works and to meet with elected officials so they can learn to play their crucial role in our democracy; our government is set up so that we, the people, are sovereign,” Bradford explained.
Ghadoushi hopes that the club can become a community event.
“I founded this club to form a nexus between government officials and young adults throughout the community. The mission of our club is to engage young adults in civil affairs,” Ghadoushi said.
Bass will be answering questions submitted by the audience.
“[Congresswoman Bass] will also be speaking about the Trump Administration, answering questions submitted by students and staff and speaking about issues she is passionate about,” Ghadoushi said.