SLAG motivates young readers



Priscilla Hopper staff writer
One by one, a group of passionate bookworms files into a small room every month to discuss how to make the library a better place for the student body. These bibliophiles are known as SLAG–or the Student’s Library Advisory Group.
SLAG was created by former librarian Karen Boyarsky. This year’s new head librarian, Daniel Bradford, continued SLAG’s legacy with a late start in January.
Although Bradford acts as an advisor to the club, he does not have a prominent role in the decision making of the group like Boyarsky did.
“Our club is identical in its purpose. Its purpose is to make it a teen centered library. A library that really serves the students. The only difference is that Mrs. Boyarsky took more of a direct role in managing the group, whereas, I know I’ve got students in SLAG that are more than capable of doing that, and I feel that it will be a stronger group if I let the students run it,” Bradford said. “I am just there to lend a hand and to provide any kind of assistance I can, and just to facilitate the club.”
SLAG aims to to create a refreshed love of books for the student body. The small club is intended to encourage student input into how the library is run.
“The purpose of SLAG is to help spread the word about the library and encourage others to explore the knowledge that a library has between the covers of its books,” co-coordinator of the club, junior Samantha Ordesky, said.
Ordesky originally joined SLAG during her freshman year in efforts to meet other avid readers like herself.
“SLAG has changed me from a girl who only uses the library as a book bank to one who fully enjoys the library environment for studying and reading alike,” Ordesky said.
Junior Samantha Boudaie, the head coordinator of the club, hopes to advertize the library as a resource for the Beverly community.
“[The library] goes beyond all the books on the shelves, and databases in reserve. It can offer so much more. SLAG is now working to highlight these assets,” Boudai said.” I’m proud to be a part of something so great and can’t wait for what’s to come.”
The club recently eliminated the large amount of print magazine subscriptions in the library due to a noticeable increase of content intake through students’ cellphones.
“I have always had student advisory groups in all of my positions, whether I was a public librarian or a school librarian, and it always makes the library better because the students are able to give you their perspective. Sometimes librarians can’t see what is right in front of them, and the students can tell you what they really want,” Bradford said.
Ordeskey’s involvement with the club pushed her to embrace her devotion to books.
“To be quite honest, I can’t say what my personal impact on the club has been because, in SLAG, we work as a team and any idea we have we keep altering and improving,” Ordesky said. “I truly can’t singly take credit for an effort that took a group.”