Monday tests are not the best



Sam Bernstein staff writer
Last Monday, I had a Spanish quiz. For a plethora of reasons, I probably won’t make my mother happy with the grade I’ll receive. I, as well as many others, believe this wouldn’t be the case if my test was later in the week. Tests should absolutely not be on Mondays, and all testing should happen later in the week.
“I consider the weekends as a short break from school. Example, if we had a stressful week, Monday to Friday, then we could take the weekends to relax,” an a junior who wishes to remain anonymous said. “But if we have to study over the weekends just to get that A on a test, then we would be piling on stress and discomfort that we barely have any time to ourselves.”
It isn’t because students are lazy. Studying on weekends has become a forced habit. Even though the weekend is considered a break, I consider Sunday another school day because I have so much work to complete for Monday. This is fine, as I am a student and everyone else has this burden. However, adding tests to my growing workload will only hurt the quality of my work. Seventy-seven percent of Beverly students say that they’d see an improvement in their test scores if tests were pushed to later in the week
“Because then we will get more time to review in class and there isn’t that much of a pressure. Whereas if the test were on Monday, then we would have less time to review and we would have to study over the weekends and the weekends are meant to be spent with family or something, not doing school things,” a freshman who wishes to remain anonymous said.
Scheduling is hard. However, 42.9 percent of students would rather have multiple tests on a later day in the school week then a test on a Monday. One student stated that their favorite day for testing is a Wednesday.
“I prefer having tests on Wednesday because we have the weekend to review, a class day to review, and enough time to ask our teacher any questions we may have about the section,” a freshman who wishes to remain anonymous said.
According to the same school-wide survey, 38.5 percent of students stated that their ideal day to take a test is a Thursday. Seventeen percent said they prefer Tuesdays, 16.9 percent preferred Wednesdays, 15.4 percent preferred Fridays, and 12.3 percent preferred Mondays. The student body’s opinion isn’t well represented when tests are being scheduled.
“If the test requires little study time, I only have to study on Monday. If the test requires a great deal of study time, I can study over the weekend, review on Monday, and take the test on Tuesday,” a senior who wishes to remain anonymous said. “The closer the test is to the weekend, the easier it is for me. For Friday tests in classes that require a great deal of study time, I have to begin studying the weekend before. Of course, if the test is light, I can study Thursday night.”
Students, however, are disappointed. While 75.8 percent of students claim that they would study over the weekend for a test on a Monday, students worry about their general interest in studying for a test on a Monday. An anonymous junior gave his/her thoughts.
“As we are studying many hours after school and into the night, the weekend is our time to actually relax and have a good time,” a junior who wishes to remain anonymous said. “Giving a test on a Monday limits our motivation in studying for it, while our minds are also preoccupied by all of the other events of the weekend.”