Seniors impart personal best moments at Beverly



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As the end of the school year approaches, the graduating seniors of Beverly Hills High School take this time to reflect on the achievements earned throughout their educational careers and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. With the period of heartfelt vindications upon us, the students reminisce about the activities they participated in that changed them for the better and the defining moments that molded them into who they are today.
Senior Grace DeLee is one such student. Participating in extracurriculars ranging from Video Game Club to GSA to Academic Decathlon, DeLee has made sure to leave her mark on this school in the most varied way possible. In relation to Academic Decathlon, DeLee has been a part of the class for all four years of high school and has acquired, not just awards and medals by the dozen, but an intense degree of personal development. She recalls the pinnacle of her experience in Academic Decathlon as the state competition in freshman year when she received a gold award in the speech category.
“But they’re all clapping and laughing, and then I heard my name for gold, I didn’t know how to react, I ran up and like started hugging everyone because I was the first, I’d set a record, I was the first freshman not to only do Academic Decathlon but the first freshman to ever score a perfect score in anything,” DeLee shared.
DeLee’s interpretation of her own personal best has been shaped by her years of involvement in Academic Decathlon.
“I always struggled to meet up with some of the standards that people in Decathlon had were so high so I think my personal best is basically just reaching your ultimate potential. I think my personal best is just seeing how much of an improvement I can make year after year,” DeLee said
Senior Jeremy Segal is another such student. Throughout the course of his high school career, Segal has enmeshed himself in a variety of extracurriculars, spanning from Eagle Scouts to Earth Club to the track team.
“Most of my extracurriculars, I’ve done them because I’m really interested in them. Not necessarily because, you know, a lot of people do it for college, I just did it because I like them,” Segal said.
The prior success of his older sister, Sydney Segal, was the original factor that prompted him to join track. Segal recounts the peak moment of his track experience as the league finals of his junior year when he beat his personal record in the two-mile race with a time of 11:21.
“I felt strong, able, and confident. I felt ready to take on anything, I felt invincible,” Segal said.
Not only did Segal attain a new degree of growth in his track career, he obtained a higher level of personal development
“[Track] showed me to never give up, to always persist in whatever you’re doing; whenever you meet any sort of challenge or adversity, go past that, push the boundaries,” Segal said.
Senior Justine Elitzur represents another graduating student who has branded her influence on this school with an array of extracurriculars, such as Service Learning, ASB, Tennis, and Softball.
“I don’t know how I would be without them. They’re such a big part of my life and, besides academics obviously, it’s what I spend almost all of my time on. So yeah, I don’t think I would be the same way without those activities,” Elitzur said.
With the help of her extracurricular exploits, Elitzur garnered a new sense of personal expansion, along with all of the correlating matches and competitions that she’s won. These activities have aided her in pushing her to develop skills as a person, not just in the required field of her expertise.
“Leadership. Without kind of practicing it, you don’t really know what to do in a certain position, but I got the opportunity to be the captain of tennis for two years and softball this year. So, I think I’ve grown a lot as a leader and confidence,” Elitzur commented.
Elitzur calls to mind her participation in service learning for her ultimate prized memory. For the past eight decades, this school has been going to Albion street to deliver Christmas presents to the children of low-income families, and Elitzur has been on the planning committee for the last two years.
“It’s the most amazing event and the best day, and you get to see those kids who are so happy and even the Beverly seniors that go, they act like little kids that day,” Elitzur remarked.
Elitzur’s definition of personal best stems from the myriad of activities she’s immersed herself in
“Going all out as long as you can. You can never know what your limit is until you’ve passed it or reached it. So I think just putting everything you have into something,” Elitzur said.

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