Norman Update informs students



Rinesa Kabashi photo editor
ASB and KBEV have joined together making a new project: the Norman update. The Norman Update is a weekly news broadcast that gives information about upcoming events.
ASB approached KBEV at the beginning of the year and both teams were ready to start. In a matter of two weeks, they were able to air the first news broadcast during the third week of school. While students will be recognized on camera throughout the year, director and producer Arian Tabibian works on all the magic that happens behind the scenes.
“My job is to work with all the different people and departments involved, and point them in the right direction. The opening clip, for example, had 20 iterations before we landed on the one that opens every episode. I also work with the production department to be able to turn around the show in three days,” Tabibian said.
There are many things student board member Jonathan Artal would like to focus on throughout the year.
“I want students to have a better picture of what’s going on. Also, [I want them] to be willing and really excited to come forward with ideas and suggestions for the school,” Artal said.
Along with Artal ASB coordinator Sarah Yadidian, has goals as well.
“Our goal is to reach a broad variety of people and boost student involvement and spirit,” Yadidian said.
Being a part of KBEV before becoming a Norman Update anchor, Sophia Martin has seen the difference in growth before they had the show and now.
“Norman Update will be beneficial to both students and KBEV because students will be updated. This also gives KBEV the opportunity to be further exposed to the school,” Martin said. “In recent years, the advanced KBEV class did not have as much exposure as it does now.”