CTE program introduces new personal and business finance course



Desiree Gonzalez staff writer
Hoping to prepare students for life after high school, the Career and Technology and Education Program (CTE) has added a new semester-long introductory course in personal and business finance.This new class presents information and skills which enable students to make informed decisions about real world financial issues.
This course is open to all grade levels and was created to help students obtain the ability to make beneficial use of income in order to achieve financial success.
“I’m excited that Beverly added a class that allows students to learn crucial information about their financial future. As a person who who wants to be a business major in college, this class will give me an advantage when it comes to making smarter business decisions, ensuring that I get the best rates I possibly can,” senior Brandon Wolfe said.
Business consultant Cecilia Gabbay, class of 2003, returned to her alma mater bringing her experience she contains in the startup world and in small businesses to the classroom as a teacher for this new course.
“With my experience, truly, I found that hard work and experience are the best qualities I can instill in my students,” Gabbay said. “With my knowledge from my MBA, I can help navigate my students in the business world.”
When Gabbay was offered this position she accepted with the determination to help guide students.
“The idea of working with high school-aged students to prepare them a little bit better for the financial road ahead got me really excited. It’s something I really wish I had,” she said.
Gabbay plans to incorporate topics that will help students with money management, investing, and saving and planning for a strong financial future. On the business aspect, topics will teach students how to execute forecasts, financial statements, and basic accounting, as well as how to finance a business.
“We are currently working on a budgeting project, and as a student who is getting prepared for college, this project has really helped me figure out how I’m going to afford college and budget my money in the best way,” junior Ashley Hakimian said.
Depending on the participation this year, CTE will be implementing an advanced class which will include an industry business related certification. To receive this, a multiple choice exam covering aspects of business will be administered and students who receive a certain percentage will then be issued a certificate.
“A criteria that the state uses to identify outstanding career education programs is industry certifications,” Coordinator of CTE Cindy Dubin said. “That’s something they can put on their resume, and if they go look for a job it helps them show they have mastered certain concepts in certain areas.”
Gabbay hopes students will take advantage of this course and use this knowledge to their benefit.
“I think the class will offer a great basic financial and business understanding,” she said. “I really hope to open my students’ eyes to the benefits of financial planning and having a realistic, but positive relationship with money.”