Sudden spike in AP psychology enrollment



Rinesa Kabashi photo editor
With each class full of 33 students the enrollment of AP psychology has increased from years before.
The class is taught in various teaching methods throughout the year that help students endure a thorough understanding of the lessons.
“As of now we are in the beginning of the year where we study things that most students don’t think of as psychology,for instance,a lot of statistics and biology. All the fan favorites like mental disorders and different therapy tends to come later in the spring,”AP Psychology teacher Roel Hinojosa said.
The class has become so popular that Hinojosa had no room in his schedule to teach government.
“I do miss government. That was the subject that I studied in college and graduate school. Of course with all the things going around the country and the world, absolutely I miss the opportunity to discuss politics, but there is so much about politics that is psychology. We are able to talk a lot about politics and voting behavior in this class,” Hinojosa said.
Hinojosa believes that students gain more than just AP credit by taking the course.
“This class really gives students an opportunity to reflect on their own lives physically, intellectually and emotionally. Sometimes just having this information is a good way to get a handle on things that are going on in your own life. I also think it helps high school students to gain insight into what’s going on in the minds of their own parents, teachers and employers,” Hinojosa said.
Junior Kayla Shadgoo has loved the class since the first day.
“I was really fortunate to be enrolled in the class because I’m aware of how many of my friends wanted to take the class and now need to wait until their senior year. I was encouraged to take the class from one of my senior friends,” Shadgoo said.
Hinojosa encourages all students to take the course whether it is in high school or even in college.
“I think regardless of what field a student goes into, an introductory course in psychology is useful because there is psychology in practically everything.”