Club features new, innovative technology



Lauren Hannani staff writer
Technology is all around us. Using our iPhones, tablets, and laptops during the day is the norm. However, products like self-lacing shoes and the “fire resistant” red iPhone 7 are not as accessible or affordable for all students. For the technology club, however, these innovative products are not only the main topics of conversation, but are also frequently put on display.
After noticing many unique products hit the market, president Sam Hannani decided that he wanted to start a club to showcase the newest devices on the market.
“I was only in DECA, and I saw all these new, innovative technologies coming out, like the new Nike Hyperadapt 1.0,” Hannani said. “So I thought it would be a good way to bring everyone together to talk about new, upcoming technology while also bringing the actual pieces in to show everyone.”
Because of his connections with multiple companies over the years,  Hannani has been able to enter each club meeting with a new product that is usually either very high in price or low in availability.
“When Nike released the first self-lacing shoe to the general public, I had a pair of them when it was almost impossible to get your hands on a pair, and the shoes would sell for $2500 and above,” Hannani said. “Another thing I brought in is the Snapchat spectacles, which let you record video through a pair of sunglasses that transfers to Snapchat and lets you view your video from different angles.”
Vice president Daniel Fouladian feels very fortunate that he is able to learn about technology while also helping lead the club.
“[I enjoy] when the students learn about a specific new technology and they are able to see it in person, because people learn about the newest technology on advertisements, but aren’t able to get their hands on it, ” Fouladian said.
Not only does the club allow students to test the products out, but it is also the only place on campus that features some of the newest technology in the market.
“There are no other clubs that bring in these new and innovative technologies that people could come have a discussion about and actually test it out in person,” Hannani said. “If you were to ask…Apple to test out the iPhone 8 before it was announced, they would say no. But, at my club, even if it’s a prototype or a general release, everyone has a chance to test the technology out and see how the world is advancing in the technology world.”
Although the meetings center primarily on technology, club members are not required to know any information about the products before the meetings.
“What I think makes it interesting is that you don’t have to know anything about the product before you go to the meeting,” senior Ari Soufer said. “But it has taught me about some of the features that not everyone knows about in some of the newest tech products.”
In fact, one of the most rewarding parts of the club for Fouladian is watching the students learn and become excited about technology.
“It’s really cool because opportunities to educate other students about technologies are rare,” Fouladian said. “My favorite part is learning with the students.”
Overall, Hannani is very proud of the club and its ability to bring together a large group of excited and impressed students.
“Last year was a great turnout at every meeting, and when you have your own successful club, it makes you feel even better knowing that you accomplished something and brought together a group of students to enjoy their time during lunch at school,” Hannani said.
The club meets two to three times a month in Mr. Briggs’ room (room 255). For the next meeting, Hannani will be bringing the new iPhone 8. Check out the club’s event page on Facebook for more details.