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310 girl launches clothing line ‘310 Club’
Rinesa Kabashi photo editor
Mikaela Rabizadeh social media editor
“You’re too young to start a business.” A concept senior Romy Krgatbashyan is all too familiar with. Despite discouraging attitudes against her eagerness to develop her own clothing company, Krgatbashyan dives head first into the fashion industry at just 18 years old.
With almost a year’s worth of work, Krgatbashyan officially dropped her line, 310 Club: her take on the surfacing streetwear phenomenon.  310 Club caters to a particular target buyer, essentially the “pop-culturally” aware teen.
“I’ve always wanted to start my own brand and I’ve always had a thing for fashion,” Krgatbashyan said. “So I decided to put the two together and launched 310 Club.”
Krgatbashyan looked to incorporate her roots into her fledgling brand.  She wanted her label to reflect who she is and where she comes from.
“It took a while to come up with a name at first. I chose to go with 310 Club, because ‘310’ represents the my city: Beverly Hills. It’s where I’ve grown up and created so many memories, so it sort of fit” she said.
Her first collection, available on her website, consists of two signature hoodies and a hat.  The most popular piece, the “trust no one hoodie” features a unique gothic font, checkers down the sleeves and an embroidered logo on the hood.
“I design pieces that I would see myself and everyone else wearing,” Krgatbashyan said. “I usually look for inspiration on social media and try to incorporate hypebeast trends.”
Although her budding brand is only just getting started, she hopes to expand her vision and eventually open a storefront.
“My goal is to open up my own store on Fairfax or Melrose,” Krgatbashyan said.  “It would be a dream to see it all come to life.”

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