Girls varsity volleyball loses to Culver



Rinesa Kabashi photo editor
The girls varsity volleyball team lost to Culver City 0-3 on Monday, Oct. 23.
In the last game of the season, the team lost all three sets: 13-25 in the first set, 16-25 in the second set and 9-25 in the last set.
Last year, the team only scored one point in one of the sets. This year, the team was able to score up to 16 points on the Centaurs.
“This year, we were more prepared and less scared. We knew that they are a good team, so we had nothing to lose by trying our best,” co-captain Savannah Perry said.
As the team grew stronger and closer throughout the season, their performance during games improved significantly.
“During the game, our team worked really well when we cheered each other on and got pumped up after every good play,” co-captain Candice Ermani said. “While we were all cheering, you could really feel the bond and how far we have all come as a team.”
Despite the team’s score, Perry tried keeping a positive attitude throughout the game.
“Even though our score wasn’t the best, no one ever does well when they’re being yelled at or having a negative attitude,” Perry said. “Volleyball is such a mental game, being positive can go a long way.”
As the season comes to an end, so does the opportunity for the seniors on the team to play for the Normans.[slideshow_deploy id=’31737′]
“All the seniors have been impactful this season in some way, even after they’re gone, the examples they set will be remembered for following seasons,” setter Katie Wu said. “It definitely wasn’t the best game to end the season with, but I’m glad I met the seniors and learned from them.”