Shishi Teeguarden’s lifetime memories through People to People



Parmis Sahrapima, Staff Writer

Junior Shishi Teeguarden got the opportunity to travel throughout Europe with an organization called People to People this summer.

The tour stopped in London, England; Caen, France; Paris, France; Bruges, Belgium; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Cologne, Germany; Heidelberg, Germany; Freiburg, Germany and Scuol, Germany.
People to People is an ambassador program committed to bridging cultural and political borders through education and exchange. Teeguarden explained the program as being full of new things to learn, while also being rich in culture and activities.
“It was the experience of a lifetime which I wish to relive if given the opportunity. Not only did I receive insight on the World Wars and international politics, but it was also a first-hand way for me to understand and live some of the greatest European cultures,” Teeguarden said.
Teeguarden’s first stop was at London, where she got to know the Beefeaters, the official guards of the Tower of London, and visit Henry VIII’s Hampton Court Palace.
In Paris, Teeguarden got an amazing view of the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower and she also visited the famous Louvre Museum, home to the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Winged Victory.
“In France I also had crepes, French bread and other amazing food that now prevents me from looking at the food in America the same way since the food in France was much more delicious,” Teeguarden said.
In Amsterdam, Teeguarden visited Anne Frank’s hiding place and later cruised throughout the city on bike. According to Teeguarden, Amsterdam allowed her to learn a lot about the Dutch culture, food and “a way of life that can’t be understoodthrough books.”
Throughout Germany, Teeguarden got to see an amazing view of beautiful castles, explore the Black Forest which was home to many German fairy tales and sit in a classroom at a German high school.
“The schools in Germany are a lot different than the ones in the U.S . since students stay in one class the entire year while teachers moved in and out of the classrooms. I also received a note from a boy sitting in the back of the class that read “to the American girl” and had a smiley face on it.”
After Germany, the group made a stop at their last destination, Switzerland, where Teeguarden received a lesson in Raeto Romantic, the language spoken there,went whitewater rafting, and stayed at a ski dormitory/school in the Alps, which was above the clouds.

Teeguarden met many new people from all over Los Angeles—people from Santa Monica, Torrance, Culver City, etc. Even though she was the only student from Beverly High, it didn’t stop her from having a blast.

“I still hang out with them even after we landed back in Los Angeles. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to travel the world and experience new cultures check out People to People because I really loved the experience” Teeguarden said.