SLIDESHOW: Beverly alumni on staff

SLIDESHOW: Beverly alumni on staff


Sophia Goldberg sports editor
Desiree Gonzalez staff writer
Several staff members hold a special place in their heart for Beverly, as they now work at their alma mater. Find out below what these staff members remember from their high school experience, and the similarities to and differences from the current Beverly atmosphere.
Nurse Laurie Linden (’74)

“When I was in school here, you saw letterman jackets all over the place. Now, since the time I’ve been back, I’ve only seen two. It kind of struck me as odd when I came back to work here.”
Science and math teacher Marla Weiss (’81)

“The biggest change has been to the facilities. No one even knows that where the bungalows are, everyone thinks it used to be a lacrosse field, but it used to be two buildings: the science building and the business ed building. Also, the new science building wasn’t here.”
Varsity football and baseball coach Gregg Riesenberg (’82)

“[The thing I miss the most is] Mod 70. It was our schedule back then, where we had block schedules, free periods and study halls. There was a lot of freedom involved in the schedules. That was the best schedule that I’ve ever seen here.”
Senior Attendance Assistant Iris Aviram (’84)

“I miss the cinnamon rolls and the warm freshly baked chocolate chip cookies at nutrition.”
English teacher and yearbook and journalism adviser Gaby Herbst (’01)

“I think what’s changed the most has been the involvement of the student body and school spirit. Our football games used to packed every single Friday afternoon. The volleyball games were always full. Everyone went to the school dances. We stayed on campus for lunch.”
“I miss being a part of the yearbook staff. Even though I am the yearbook adviser, I don’t get to make the yearbook, which I think is really fun and enjoyable! I miss taking photos, working on layouts and interviewing people.”
CTE teacher Cecilia Gabbay (’03)

“Not being able to go through the old building is definitely weird. I miss having lunch there with my friends who I’m still very close with.”
Food Services Accounting Technician Domonique Alexander (’08)

“The biggest difference since I’ve been at school here, honestly, would be the food. We used to have a lot of junk food, and now the program is very healthy and I believe it is more structured than it was when I was here.”
Other staff members who attended Beverly include assistant football and softball coach Vonzie Paysinger (‘79), CTE Coordinator Cindy Dubin (‘80), English teacher Phil Chang (‘94) and girls soccer coach Ryan Franks (‘96).