Student magician takes it to the streets


Photo courtesy of Jonah Okum.


Vivian Geilim opinion editor
Brian Harward staff writer
Eight years ago, a little magician was born. Junior Jonah Okum may seem like a typical high school student, but behind his appearance lies a passion for understanding the world of magic.
“I first started [magic] after my grandpa showed me a card trick. He wouldn’t teach me how to do it and from then on I just wanted to learn more about cards and magic,” Okum said. “I picked up a deck of cards and started practicing.”
Although his introduction to magic was fairly simple, Okum has mastered dozens of tricks throughout the years. However, after years of practicing magic without being recorded, Okum recently decided to take it to the streets to showcase his tricks.
“My favorite part about performing magic would definitely have to be the reactions people give. I’ve had people believe I was a witch or the devil and it is awesome to experience the reaction with them,” Okum said.
Along with the deck in his pockets, he also brings along his friend Harry Walker, who helps him film his street magic. Although they have now become partners for Okum’s video, Walker describes their introduction as less than magical.
“I met Jonah at summer camp about four years ago. For some reason, we hated each other going in but we became instant friends. Now, Jonah is more like a brother to me than a friend,” Walker said.
The street magic videos are fairly new, but Okum’s goal is to grow an Instagram and Youtube page to showcase his magic.
“I just started doing street magic to hopefully build an Instagram and Youtube page that shows me preforming magic. A social media agency has been helping me get started up, so for now we will see where it goes,” Okum said.
For now, Okum sees magic as an essential hobby, not as a future career. However, his mastery of magic has other perks.
“The best memory I have of Jonah’s magic is when I invited him over to do magic at a family dinner,” Walker said. “Needless to say, Jonah is welcome at any dinner as long as he’s got a deck of cards.”