Community service encourages students, provides satisfaction



Sophia Goldberg sports editor
Recognition for community service comes in all forms, from certificates to the overall fulfilling feeling students get from helping those in need and connecting with others.
One way Beverly helps students earn recognition for their community service is the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Students can compile their community service hours in Naviance, and the school will submit those hours so the student will receive a certificate for completing over 100 hours of community service in a calendar year. In 2016, Beverly presented 28 awards to its students. In 2015, 30 awards were distributed.
“Many organizations around the country are eligible to submit community service hours on behalf of students in order to qualify for the presidential award, and our district is one of those organizations,” Career and Technology Education (CTE) Coordinator Cindy Dubin said. “As a service to the kids, we just provide the information on student community service hours to the organization so the kids can get their certificates documenting that they completed those hours.”
College and Career Assistant Michelle Redston works with Dubin to submit student hours and distribute the awards second semester. Redston explains that while most students find community service opportunities directly through organizations, she helps students that come into the College and Career Center looking for other agencies.
“When students come in here and ask about community service [events], we recommend they do it something they’re passionate about. Anytime we hear of any opportunity, we put it in the bulletin,” Redston said.
Senior Mira Tarabeine’s Service Learning project this year helps raise funds for the Karam Foundation. Tarabeine has worked with several community service organizations in her time at Beverly, and has found a common theme among them.
“Community service is my way of thanking and appreciating everything that I have been granted,” Tarabeine said. “I get to use my abilities to help my community and those in need. It’s an amazing concept!”
Samantha Boudaie is the president of Interact, Beverly’s branch of Rotary International that volunteers at various community service events in Southern California. Boudaie believes that everyone should experience serving a community, just because you can.
“Everyone should volunteer at least once. There’s something about giving back that’s an indescribable experience. You learn more about your community, connect with others and understand that you can help,” Boudaie said. “Community service isn’t about getting hours, or putting your work on applications and resumes, it’s about giving back because you can.”
Dubin sees community service as a way students can express their interests while also helping those in need. Creating programs with continuing legacies, she says, is the most important step in making a difference.
“I think it’s great when students can take their passions and find a way to pursue those academically, in terms of enriching their own talents but also combining that with service they are doing,” Dubin said. “To me, the ultimate is when you can take what you love doing anyways, and put it into service, and try to turn it into a sustainable program.”