National French Week celebrations aspire to bring light to French culture



Catherine Gagulashvili staff writer
In L.A. County, with a French-speaking population of 38,600 people, the organizers of National French Week, celebrated across the nation from Nov. 1-7, made an effort to be heard and recognized for their celebrated language and culture.
National French Week, being celebrated on campus from Dec. 6-8, is to include the celebration of French culture through music, food and French-themed activities. Beverly’s celebrations, organized by the French Club, took place Wednesday through Friday, ranging from trivia games to the selling of French food and trinkets.
On Wednesday, a French-themed trivia game took place. The eight contestants were asked questions in French and one was asked the same question in English. All of these questions primarily focused on French culture. The winners received croissants.
On Thursday and Friday, the French Club sold French trinkets and items on the third floor patio. The Advanced Culinary class baked and provided croissants and macaroons for sale.
Foreign Language Department Chair, French teacher and advisor to the French Club Corinne Carlson hopes to bring light to the language and culture through the week’s celebrations.
“People don’t always recognize the importance of French as a language, as a culture and its contributions to the world at large. I don’t think people really know that so many countries speak French,” Carlson said. “They don’t know that French is used as the working language in so many organizations worldwide. It’s nice to bring that to people’s attention. The goal [of this week is] to stimulate an appreciation and enthusiasm about the French language and culture.”
Junior Paris Rosen, co-president of the French club, believes that French culture isn’t prevalent across the country’s high schools.
“I think that not a lot of people are exposed to French culture and it’s under-appreciated. By having this week, people are exposed to it more and they gain a sense of France and French culture,” Rosen said.
The French classes have been using advertising tactics such as making posters and flyers promoting France and its contributions to the world. Sophomore Nicole Feyzjou, who is enrolled in French 3/4, finds that French week is a great unifying factor among those taking French.
“I think it is a really great thing because it shows us getting some school spirit,” Feyzjou said. “[Since] so many people are taking the French language course, it’s a really great way to bring the school together.”