Thrifty Ice Cream brings affordable excellence to Beverly Hills



AJ Wolken staff writer
Thrifty Ice Cream, the ice cream store famous for its cylindrical-shaped scoops and its convenient location in Rite Aid stores, has been in business since 1940. With two locations in Beverly Hills, Thrifty is a community favorite and easily the best local ice cream shop for the price.
“Thrifty is a really good ice cream place and it’s really cheap. It may not be the best place for ice cream in all of LA, but it’s definitely my go-to when I want to grab a scoop nearby,” senior Solomon Margo said.
In terms of price, there are few ice cream stores that offer a better deal than Thrifty. A single scoop is $1.49, a double scoop is $2.49, and a triple scoop is $3.29. While this may seem like a pretty average price, the scoops are pretty large and dense, so one scoop is usually a sufficient amount for a customer.
And that’s not even the best part. Thrifty is also famous for its wide selection of flavors, 22 to be exact. Although they don’t have as many flavors as a more well known ice cream store like Baskin Robbins, Thrifty has some must-try flavors such as medieval madness, rainbow sherbet, and even a simple cookie dough. Medieval madness is a chocolate ice cream with 3 Musketeers chunks mixed in, and is a fan favorite Thrifty original. The rainbow sherbet is appealing because of its many colors, but also delivers an excellent, fruity taste. Lastly, their cookie dough ice cream is my personal favorite, as the ratio of ice cream to cookie dough is superb.
The two Rite Aid stores in Beverly Hills, located on North Canon and North Bedford, both serve Thrifty ice cream. In turn, grabbing a scoop from Thrifty is no hassle at all with two very accessible locations nearby. Also, its location within Rite Aid stores makes it easy to run errands and grab an ice cream at the same time. When it comes to convenient, cheap, delicious dessert options in Beverly Hills, Thrifty Ice Cream is certainly one of the best options there is.