Long-term injuries alter course of girls soccer season



Rinesa Kabashi photo editor
Due to severe injuries, the girls the girls varsity soccer team has a total of three players out for the season and one returning in January.
Now that the girls are off the field, the rest of the team will need to play different positions step up for the team. Although they will not have as many players, the team believes it will still end with a great season.
“Even though we have to shift people around, we have a super strong team and I have faith that they can still have a very successful season,” co-captain Camilla Wolff said.
Center defender Kayla Shadgoo’s broke her nose while playing a game against Hamilton High School. She finds it difficult not being able to contribute to her team now that she is out.
“It is difficult to watch the game knowing that you can not help your teammate on the field. I want to make a difference during the game, but now I can only do that by using my words,” Shadgoo said.
Wolff, who had been looking forward to playing her senior year, is devastated by the fact that she has to sit out due to her torn ACL and meniscus.
“It’s really sad to see my soccer career end like this. I have been playing since I was four years old and it is a huge tradition for my family. I have to take care of my health, but it is a very unfortunate injury,” Wolf said.
Center defense Emma Kaufman fractured her knee by colliding into another girl on the opposing team.
“I was in an insane amount of pain that I couldn’t walk,” Kaufman said. “This is my last year so I want to get as much playing time that I can, but luckily I will not be out the whole season. My doctor said I should be able to start in January!”
Midfielder Vivian Geilim has a history of soccer related injuries, but recently tore her ACL during practice and her soccer career has come to an end.
“I initially quit the team and came back to play with my teammates that I love, but now that I have an injury stopping me; it is a really devastating feeling,” Geilim said. “I would do anything just to be able to play with my team again.”