‘Finding Nemo’ revives itself in 3D


Parmis Sahrapima, staff writer

“Finding Nemo,” which re-released this year after the original release 10 years ago, is definitely a movie to watch for those who never got a glimpse of the movie and even for those who are planning to watch it again. The release of this classic in 3D is definitely worth the extra money because it offers the same great plot and scenario with even more intensity and effects than before.

This marvelous film is about the story of an overprotective father named Marlin whose worrying irritates his son Nemo, causing him to swim out into the open water with the help of peer pressure, only to be caught by a diver and be separated from his father. This scene is overwhelming with its great dramatic emphasis on the separation between a father and a son, thus depicting the intense regrets that both had for their behavior and building the synopsis for the entire movie.  Marlin then begins his journey in search of his son, and he comes across an airhead named Dory whom he first regrets conversing with, but later grows to like and even cherish.This experience isn’t only a scavenger hunt to find Nemo, as the title of the movie suggests, but also a scavenger hunt to find Marlin.

What makes this movie worth rewatching is the colorful variety of characters that are present–from the strict and rigid Marlin, to the rebellious and spunky Nemo, to the forgetful and airheaded Dory, to the villainous and blood-thirsty sharks, to the helpful and caring Tank Gang, and to the friendly pelican named Nigel. The movie is also a great animated representation of the ocean and its creatures, with the “just keep swimming” scene that takes Marlin and Dory to the dark pits of the ocean, as well as the jellyfish scene that takes them bouncing on the beautifully-animated jellyfish of the sea.

Even though “Finding Nemo” is already full of beautiful animations, the use of 3D allows for a greater emphasis to be made on the vitality and beauty of sea life. The use of 3D brings the animation even more to life, and makes Marlin’s adventure an even greater journey for kids, teens, and adults alike.