Science Olympiad opens competition season at Wilson Invitational



The Science Olympiad team placed 18th out of 30 schools at the Wilson Invitational on Saturday, Jan. 23, in preparation for regional and state competitions in the coming months.
Although the event was not “official,” co-captain Jamie Kim thought the practice it offered for the more competitive regional and state meets was very valuable.
“I think that attending competition made everything sort of click for all of us,” Kim said. “We now know how much work we have ahead of us and what exactly we need to focus on for the next five weeks.”
Olympiad member Benji Liker, who placed Top 10 in Towers, Hovercraft, Materials Science and Optics, enjoyed the downtime between events very much and thought it helped the team bond.
“We all got to spend time together and do team bonding activities, like card games and frisbee,” Liker said. “It really helps the team become close so we have better chemistry during events.”

The 3rd place team of Jamie Kim, Sophia Goldberg and Esther Goldberg.
The 3rd place team of Jamie Kim, Sophia Goldberg and Esther Goldberg.

Kim, who placed third in one of her events, Experimental Design, on a team with senior Sophia Goldberg and freshman Esther Goldberg, thought the rush of hearing her team medal was very memorable.
“It always feels good to be representing your school,” Kim said. “Just hearing our school’s name across the gym was a good moment of school pride.”