Performing arts student becomes a triple threat



Rinesa Kabashi staff writer
There is something about performing in front of a live audience that he loves.
A passion for the performing arts started from taking part in A Taste of Broadway when senior Daniel Kohanbash was in second grade. Kohanbash’s experience with performing different shows and seeing different audiences and reactions led him to wanting to perform more.
“Every show is very much like what Forrest Gump said: ‘You never know what you’re gonna get’,” Kohanbash said.
In addition to theater, Kohanbash joined choir. He decided to begin choir his freshman year and has earned the title this year as the president of the Vocal Music Program.
“Choir has taught me what it’s like to be a leader and not abuse power that is given to me,” Kohanbash said. “Being president of the vocal music program forces me to be very aware of how I speak to people and present myself in public because I am a representative of the whole program.”
Kohanbash has also grown a love for dance. A friend convinced Kohanbash to try out for AP Posse, the hip-hop focused wing of Dance Company, his sophomore year and ever since his dancing has taken off.
“Dance lets me express myself through the movement and has really taught me to let myself go a little bit,” Kohanbash said.
All three of these activities have influenced who Kohanbash is today.
“I think I’m less quick to judge than most people because I have dealt with the judgement that comes with being a guy in theatre, choir and dance,” Kohanbash said. “I think my freedom on stage has made me a better communicator and I think that lately I’ve become more sociable and willing to greet people around school.”
Kohanbash hopes to continue in the performing arts after high school, even if it is just a hobby.
“I love performing and it’s such a unique feeling that I’d like to continue to feel for a long time,” Kohanbash said. “Performance is art, and every performer is a moving art piece. There’s nothing more beautiful than that. “