Teacher turned trendsetter



Desiree Gonzalez staff writer

Mikaela Rabizadeh staff writer
She is tagged as the “Queen of Bargains.” Her friends refer to her the fashion doppelgänger of Cher from “Clueless”. She is often noted as Beverly’s Best Dressed. But you may just know her as Ms. Gordon.
History teacher Marissa Gordon is often seen rocking a Gucci belt and statement boots. However, her fashion sense did not develop recently; Gordon’s love for fashion emerged at a young age.
“I’ve always loved fashion since I was a little girl. I think that it is a great way to express myself, so I think that’s why I like it,” Gordon said. “It gives me a reason in the morning to get up and get dressed.”
Although she is a die-hard follower of high-end fashion, Gordon incorporates affordable pieces into her outfits to create a cohesive look.
“I always say go high-end with your accessories. So, make sure your shoes and bag are high-end and then everything else can be low-end. It’s just how you tie it together,” she said.
As the “Bargain Queen,” Gordon is always on the hunt to find brand-name items at reasonable prices. She avoids retail stores and opts for more unconventional shopping experiences to find hidden gems.
“I rarely pay full price for anything, so I shop a lot of sample sales and I shop second-hand,” she said. “Wasteland is my favorite, as well as the Closet Trading Company; that’s where I buy a lot of my high-end pieces. You could be wearing Forever 21 and you can just put on a good pair of designer boots and it can make your outfit.”
Although she sports many fashion-forward looks, Gordon does not rely on current trends to shape her personal style.
“I like to follow trends, but I’m not a slave to trends. I’m not a hypebeast. I will only buy it if I like it; I don’t care who’s wearing it,” she said.
Rather than sticking to one aesthetic, Gordon enjoys playing around with different styles. She prefers to take an outside-the-box approach to her wardrobe and does not keep herself restricted to any specific genre.
“Sometimes I can dress really girly, sometimes I dress really edgy. I like to kinda combine the two together,” Gordon said. “There are even some times I go for a kind of preppier, conservative piece here and there.”
Gordon has also taken a particular interest in the streetwear scene. Street culture has significantly grown in the past year, and Gordon is here for it.
“I’ve gotten more into kind of the designer streetwear stuff like off-white and Heron Preston,” she said. “I’m probably more into that now more than ever before because right now streetwear is where it’s at. I think if you look at a lot of the high end designers, they’re all taking from that kind of streetwear influence.”
Her fashion has certainly not gone unnoticed by her students.
“Her style is so unique yet so her; I love seeing what she’s gonna wear next because she brings such a creative element into her fashion and it’s inspiring,” junior Joline Kohanarieh said.
Gordon particularly finds her passion and inspiration derived from taking clothing pieces of her own and styling it into her own.
“I really love thinking about an outfit and planning it out,” she said. “When I buy something new, I love to see how i can incorporate it [into my wardrobe]. I think fashion is an art form.”