Boys varsity soccer skims past Culver City


Photo courtesy of: Morgan Ben-Moche


Vivian Geilim opinion editor
Tension ran high during the last game of the season for the boys varsity soccer team against one of its biggest rivals, Culver City. This was the second time the two teams battled on the field, the first game taking place Jan. 24 with Culver City defeating Beverly 6-1. However, on Jan. 6, Beverly defeated Culver 1-0, however, they did not qualify for CIF.
Although Beverly dominated with ball possession, the first half was uneventful for both teams, as they finished the half tied 0-0. However, anticipation seeped through the second half as both teams grew more intense as they played what could be either team’s final game.
“I thought when we did have possession, we made the most of it and really tried to get the ball up the field to Jonah’s feet so he could work his magic,” left back Aidan Schwartz said.
In the start of the second half, junior midfielder/forward Jonah Okum attempted to give Beverly a lead with a shot, but missed the goal. Culver countered with a near shot on Beverly’s goal. However, goalie Javier Valle made a great save for the team.
“Javier played his heart out. I was terrified and sliding all over the place to get that ball out of there. I feel like our defense really stepped up in that game. With such a great goal by Jonah it is easy to forget that the defense didn’t allow a single goal,” defense Alex Rosen said.
With a final score of 0-0, the game progressed to golden goal (whichever team scores first wins the game). A minute after overtime began, Beverly advanced on the ball and Okum scored, giving Beverly the win.
“After I scored that goal the feeling I had was indescribable. It was one of those moments that can not be put into words. The 5:30 a.m. practices, the extra training, and the injuries from the season all payed off in that moment. It was pure joy,” Okum said.