Burger lounging on Beverly Drive


Alex Menache, staff writer and photographer

Burger Lounge, best known for their retro concept, crispy fries and impeccable service, is one of the latest and newest contributions to South Beverly Drive.

Burger Lounge in Beverly Hills, one of its many locations, offers a bold yet architectural environment that provides for a special dining experience.

Although each dish is top quality, the Lounge Burger and onion rings seem to be the most popular among Beverly Hills High School customers.

When ordering at Burger Lounge, one has an option to choose from their grass-fed beef burger, wild salmon burger, free-range turkey burger or quinoa veggie burger. Customers tend to like these options not only because they are tasty but because they consist of healthy, fresh and organic ingredients.

“It is not often that you come across a decently priced burger joint that also uses premium ingredients,” senior Elijah Lichtenberg said.

The Burger Lounge menu also includes crispy chicken tenders, salads, sides and shakes for dessert. Some examples of these desserts include chocolate and vanilla flavors, Root Beer, Coke or Ginger Beer Floats and ice cream sundaes. Burger Lounge also offers a half salad portion and “baby” burgers which serve as a great snack to have after a long day of school.

Burger Lounge is quick and easily picked up, but also provides for a very comfortable dine-in location. Burger Lounge truly brings a new twist on the typical American burger joint into our backyard and due to its convenience, quality and great service; it has quickly become a Beverly Drive hit.