Science Olympiad comes 14th in regional competition



Natasha Dardashti staff writer
The Science Olympiad team placed 14th out of 40 teams in the Los Angeles Regional Competition on Saturday, March 3. Medals were awarded to Tim Kim and Addie Hasson for winning third in Ecology, and Michelle Klein and Addie Hasson who won fifth in Rocks and Minerals.
“I think the most important thing for me when I formed the Science Olympiad with Jamie [Kim] was that we wanted other students who had a passion for science to be able to study the topics that they cared about,” team co-captain Sophia Goldberg said. “Many times, the science curriculum just doesn’t go into enough detail on some really interesting topics, and Science Olympiad really allows us to study what we want to.”
The whole score report can be found here.
“After all of the hours my partner and I spent preparing for the event, the feeling of getting a medal was incredible,” Klein said. “I wasn’t expecting to win it, so all of the work and the practice definitely paid off.”