DECA succeeds at State, senior duo advances to ICDC



Brian Harward staff writer
DECA had one team qualify for the International Career Development Conference (ICDC)  at the annual State Career Development Conference in Anaheim on March 2 to 5. In addition to winning many other awards, DECA was recognized with the Membership Campaign Award for the chapter’s efforts in recruiting new members.
“I was proud of our performance as a whole; everyone felt a lot more confident with their competitive events. We had more people get recognized on stage than years past, but only one team qualified for the international competition, ICDC. Of course, my hope is to raise that number next year,” junior co-president Sean Toobi said
This single qualifying duo was senior Camilla Wolff and senior Sydney Fogelman, who placed third overall in Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making. However, during the competition, Wolff didn’t think her performance went extremely well.
“I thought that my role play went poorly. My judges weren’t responding or interacting very much, and while I thought we had good ideas, I didn’t think the judges agreed, but they clearly did,” Wolff said.
To prepare for ICDC, which is being held in Atlanta from April 21 to 24, Wolff and Fogelman will perfect the different parts of their presentation.
“I’m gonna work with Sydney and Sean a lot, and I’m gonna study really hard for ICDC because I want to perform well,” Wolff said.
Although the competition at ICDC will be tough, Toobi is confident that through hard studying, the school’s only ICDC qualifiers will be able to succeed.
“Sydney and Camilla are naturals at DECA, so it’ll have to come down to perfecting their presentations,” Toobi said. “I know they can place at ICDC, but it’ll only come with practice. I’m going to make sure to meet with them several times over the next month to help them win.”