Music appreciation club makes show on KBEV


Hae Lee, Staff Writer 
A close group of students who are passionate and interested in music created the Music Appreciation Club. Every Tuesday at lunch, in U.S. History teacher Dan Moroaica’s room, students come together to jam, listen and learn.
During meetings, club members bring in their own instruments. The club discusses music theory, the history behind different genres of music, and the inception of bands and musical movements. Also, guitar lessons are provided to anyone who wants to learn a new song or skill.
“In the first meeting, we talked about the origin of music and the influential musicians that we look up to. In a democratic setting, we also vote the artists and bands that will be discussed in the next meeting,” senior Giuliano Bologna, club president, said.
The club officers are all close friends who are also part of KBEV. This gave them an opportunity to create a five to ten minute music show, recruiting people from the club to play instruments and sing. The name of the show is “Daily Music Dose” (“DMD”), which features performers and interviews.
“As of right now there are eight shows produced and on air, all of which have different styles of guitar playing and songs of original creation of cover songs. ‘DMD’ should go on throughout the year with new episodes being taped, produced and edited every two weeks,” senior Jonathan Sayegh, club treasurer and co-producer of “DMD,” said.
The show is aired randomly between board meetings throughout the day, but as the show progresses on, the club members are planning to have a consistent schedule for the convenience of the viewers.
According to Sayegh, the show itself is based on the concept of the early years of MTV, which focused on music videos and artist interviews. The cast for the show consists of 15 people with a different, flexible range of guest stars. Auditions are held so that anyone who is interested in being on “DMD” can be on the show. The auditions are not scheduled but the club officers find people to ask to perform, and if the piece is good enough, it goes on air.
“Mr. Moroaica played his guitar in one of our shows and sang the national anthem. We are trying to get Mr. Briggs to come in and sing vocals as well,” Bologna said.
“DMD” is looking forward to pursuing live audience shows, famous artist interviews, full band performances and music videos. In fact, there was an enrichment class offered Nov. 16 featuring a live band from the “DMD” cast.
“Any student can join and come watch us play by signing up for Wolfe’s enrichment class,” Bologna said.
To promote the show further, the club members will be making a Facebook page for the show. KBEV is making a website similar to that of the popular site, YouTube, to post all the shows online for the viewers. “DMD” will have its own sector within the website.