Networking Night exposes students to business world



Mikaela Rabizadeh opinion editor
To encourage students to connect with active business people and get exposure to a variety of industries, DECA and the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce collaborated to organize this year’s Networking Night at the Beverly Hilton on Wednesday, March 28.

Networking Night, an extension of the annual Career Day, allows students to engage with business professionals as opposed to listening to a seminar. They are able to form connections with local businesses in Beverly Hills, put their speaking skills to use and seek out job opportunities.

“It offers students the chance to learn about different industries and potentially land internships,” DECA officer Yasmeen Ohebsion said. “It’s beneficial because it enhances their communication skills with business professionals using the industry knowledge they’ve acquired in DECA and the entrepreneurship class.”

As the president of DECA, a national student organization meant to prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs, junior Sean Toobi encourages his fellow DECA members to accumulate industry knowledge and take advantage of the opportunity to gain out-of-classroom experience.

“This a opportunity where they can find real world experiences. It’s not just simulation in the classroom. It’s actually talking to professionals and learning about the field,” Toobi said.
Many of the business representatives who attended the event are involved in the Chamber of Commerce.

“In essence, i‎t was a lot of outreach. Not only reaching out to professionals that went to Career Day, but professionals that we researched on our own,” Toobi said. “In addition to inviting the professionals, we worked with the Hilton and the Chamber to set up the event itself and all the logistics, to make sure the professionals that come have a great experience.”

With the help of CTE Coordinator Cindy Dubin, Toobi and DECA co-president Mia Grossman were able to successfully coordinate with a various professionals.

“[The Chamber] helped us start this Career Creatives program where we have industry groups support our events, like Networking Night, throughout the year,” Dubin said.

Junior Charlene Kay attends Networking Night annually to get a better understanding of the occupations available for her after high school.

“It’s an amazing experience to interact with people in the business and get a taste of the careers available,” Kay said. “Many students are lost and don’t know what they want to pursue, so it’s wonderful that we get to see how different jobs operate internally.”