Future off-campus senior privileges spark conversation



Priscilla Hopper media manager
In the past, students have felt that administration staff has left promises for senior privileges unfulfilled. However, Principal Mark Mead confirms that the incoming senior class will be granted walk-off campus passes, “contingent on certain class-wide expectations based on SBAC,” he said.
Like any allowance given to the student body by the district, the administrative staff can easily revoke the benefits. Based on attendance and citizenship, administration will evaluate individuals to ensure they uphold to the school’s standards.
“While [off-campus passes are] earned as a class, there will be individual choices a student could make that would [result in losing] his or her privilege,” Mead explained.
The current and most prominent concern is the safety of the students’ journey once leaving campus, Mead explains.
“We are continuing to work on securing our campus, giving clear expectations to teachers, security, students, parents about flow of traffic and the expectations of students being on and off campus,” he said.
Junior Vice President of ASB, Sean Toobi, is hopeful and excited for possible off-campus for his senior year.
“If I could have one senior privilege, it would be to have an off-campus pass during the lunch hour. It would be awesome if I could be allowed to walk off school grounds in order to buy lunch at nearby places,” Toobi said.
Mead is also concerned about how well the students are able to represent the high school once off campus. His solution is issuing off campus privileges that are exclusively offered to seniors. With some support from both the district office and a board member, Mead hopes to implement these benefits next year.
“We are really exploring ways to create…privileges that are made for seniors and that are not available to freshmen, sophomores and juniors,” he said. “It is an expectation for next year, and our security procedures are really in anticipation of being really clear next year.”