Boys varsity tennis crushes El Segundo



Mikaela Rabizadeh opinion editor
The boys varsity tennis team defeated El Segundo with an overall winning score of 12-6 on Thursday, April 19. Although they began on a rocky note, the players pushed through to finish with a win.
El Segundo initially racked up the points, leading 3-2 against couples partners Andrew Liner and Jackson Stewart.
“They came out strong. On returns and shots, they just tapped them down and they happened to hit the line, or even hit the net and go over,” Liner said.
Despite their weak start, Liner and Stewart persevered and eventually came back in the next round, tying at 4-4. They maintained focus and ended with a final score of 6-4.
“We didn’t let it get to our heads. We won the next game, and we just kept pushing through and pushing through. We were down by one at first, then caught up and finally got the advantage,” Liner said.
Junior Brian Yoon, who competes in doubles with partner senior Pouya Vaziri, accredits their 6-0 score to their harmony and teamwork on the court.
“Pouya and I balance each other out,” Yoon said. “When he is not playing at his best, I rise to the occasion to help support him. When I’m down and I’m not playing as well as I can, then he steps up to carry us towards a win.”
Junior Brandon Lipper also lends his 6-1 victory to his teamwork and collaboration on the court with his partner senior Javier Valle.
“Javier and I had good teamwork and good communication throughout the match,” Lipper said. “There was one game where there was deuce plus one, so whoever won that point wins the game. Javi and I played that well, and he was able to put the ball over the net and win that game for us.”
Liner believes that the match against El Segundo shows him that he is ready to play singles. His consistency and level-headed mentality during his rough first round allowed him to bounce back in the following matches.
“I’m improving myself as a singles player because I’m practicing the skill sets that are needed to perform at the singles one level,” Liner said. “I feel like I can rise to the occasion when my team needs me to play singles, whether it be this season or next year.”
Their next game is on April 24 at Santa Monica.